Dear Valued Guests,

Did you know that we now deliver beer (including our award-winning Alesatian brews) and wine as well? We're doing everything we can to weather this unprecedented time and we are so grateful for your support. It's very quiet here, tending the aged oak wood-fired ovens without the sound of our guests in the dining room. If you are feeling unsettled, please take heart. We'll all get through this, and sooner than you think. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

In the mean-time, try to smile. ...And remember that even when it's take-out or delivery, we still love to cook for you!

Yours truly,
Ben, Caleb, Paul, the chefs, servers and ALL of your friends at ROMA and Alesatian Brewery.

Business Hours

Sunday: 12pm - 9am Monday-Saturday: 11am - 10pm